Sikhala Sonke are working towards establishing a community garden to create jobs for the women while providing food for local children and residents of Marikana

The women current need donations of the following items to help set up the garden:

• Garden Fork x5 • Garden Spades x 2 • Rakes x2 • Wheel Barrows x3 • Garden Gloves • Trowels x5 • Pick Axe x2 • Shears x4 • Buckets x 4 • 2500 Jojo Tanks with plumbing x4 • Hose Piping 100m • Irrigation plumbing. • Wood for raised beds • 50 tons of soil • 100 bags of organic compost • Camera • Laptops • Smart Phones • Seedling Trays • Building material (gum poles, corrugated sheeting) • Shade netting. • Solar System • Organic seeds • Fruit trees x50 • Any landscaping supplies

Donation towards establishing the garden are also welcome. To send Sikhala Sonke money to help them feed their community please despit directly into the account listed below and include 'Garden' as your reference:

Bank : ABSA
Account Name : Sikhala Sonke
Account Number: 93 - 2473 - 3423
Account Type: Savings
Branch Code: 632005

Urgent Call for Help to Restart Soup Kitchen in Marikana

A Marikana community member, Evelyn Seipati Mmeka, is urgently seeking donors/ financial support to be able to restart her soup kitchen, which provided a lifeline for the community during the longest strike in South African mining history in 2014.

Evelyn Seipati Mmeka lives in Wonderkop, Marikana. During the six month Platinum Belt Strike in 2014, Seipati saw an elderly lady fall outside her house. She hadn’t eaten in three days. Taking this as a sign, Seipati began using her husband’s pension money to fund a soup kitchen that provided breakfast and lunch to the community every day for four months. Initially she provided food to the people at the clinic so that they may take their ARVs on a full stomach, but as more and more people showed up in her yard, this number grew from 200 to 500 people twice daily. Even though she struggled to keep the soup kitchen open during this time, she did not let it dampen her spirits and promised to continue the soup kitchen, even when the strike ended. To her, the strike was a wake up call that even though some people are employed by the mines and will eventually go back to work, most of the people in the community are unemployed and will still be hungry.

During the strike she was offered sponsorship by a few churches around the area. She decided to keep the soup kitchen running even after the strike had ended, which resulted in Seipati’s donors dwindleing away, along with her husband’s pension money. Subsequently, she sadly had to close her soup kitchen, which meant Marikana residents who do not work at the mines, still remain hungry. Every day community members arrive at her gate and with a heavy heart she has to turn them away.

During the strike, Seipati said in an interview with director Aliki Saragas:

“I alone I can’t manage, these people are too many. But it will hurt me very much [for the soup kitchen to close], because something that I’m meant to do will be failing and people will be dying.”

Seipati has registered her soup kitchen as an NPO called “Bonolo Community Organisation” and is looking for anyone willing to help her with food/ monetary donations so she may start feeding the people of the community again.

For more information please contact Seipati directly at 082 351 1269.