Strike A Rock is finished!

So here goes, the post that has taken over three years to write!

After such a long journey, I’m so happy and proud to announce that Strike A Rock (formerly spammed on your walls as Mama Marikana/ In the Land of Milk and Honey) is finally finished.

It’s my first feature doc film and so I feel I have to try put to words what I’m feeling, even though I really can’t properly express what a journey it’s been; how incredibly hard at times, but at all times how incredibly beautiful and worthwhile. The amazing womxn I have met, worked with, loved and been inspired by, Mam’ Thumeka, Mam’ Primrose and all the Sikhala Sonke womxn. We have walked this journey hand in hand. Thank you for sharing your stories and lives with me.

To my team, who has been there with me from the beginning, helping and supporting me through these last few years. This was truly a labour of love for everyone involved. Thank you for believing in the project so much so to put up with all my late night calls, texts, emails, panic attacks – Liani my incredible producer who always knows what to say to help navigate me through this world with all the thousand other things on her plate, thank you for all your guidance and help, I could never have done it without you as my rock. Anita, who has been there right from the beginning – always believing that the film is important and has a potential to make a change, along with Rehad and Uhuru Productions who believed in me from the start. Simon, who started me on this journey, helped me enormously, who has seen the film maybe 100 times and always gives the best advice. Khalid, and his magic editing that made my vision a reality. Andreas and Aaron who would move mountains to come shoot with me even in very hard times. Kathleen who always has strength and positivity and complete belief in what this film can do, and Jonathan, whose many talents are invaluable and who always goes above and beyond with literally everything to make the campaign and film run smoothly. Jennifer who has persevered and persevered through months of intense archive research and production assisting. There are too many to mention in this post but my gratitude is overflowing.

And finally my family who has always been there to pick up the pieces and put me back together so I kept going. My parents, Nick and Evanthia, who always stood behind me no matter what. And my rocks, Maria and Pothi who always knew what to say, always were my biggest backers and always held me up. Jacqui-Lee, Rox, Caroline and so many more people who I call my friends but who are actually my family for putting up with me and for celebrating and problem-solving with me. I’m so lucky you are all in my life.

I’m so overwhelmed by everyone who has come together to get this important film finished. I do believe it will be able to put pressure and join a movement already started by Sikhala Sonke and other mining affected communities to ensure that socio-economic development takes place.

But it’s all just begun, the hard work starts now. A moment does not make a movement.

I’m humbled and honoured that we have been chosen to open Encounters South African International Documentary Festival as opening night.

Our first public screening is on 3rd June in Cape Town V&A, at 17:15. Myself and Thumeka and Primrose will be there for Q and A’s.

Tickets available here :…/visSelectTickets.aspx…

Our first public screening in JHB is on the 6 June, at 20:45, but we have SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets.

Lastly, my first film has been chosen to premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest in the UK! We are so thrilled. Over and above the festival, we are planning Impact screening in London too, where relevant activists and civil society will rally behind Sikhala Sonke’s cause. Please watch the page for details.

Our International Premiere at the Sheffield Doc/Fest on 11 June, 09:30am PBS America Showroom 3.

Tickets available here :

Please invite anyone and everyone in London and surrounds to come through. It’s going to be very special.

We really want Primrose and Thumeka to be with us in the UK as it’s very important that they are given the opportunity to tell their own stories in their own words. But it’s very hard when we live so far away and the price to get to the UK is enormous. We are therefore also starting a crowdfunding drive to bring Primrose and Thumeka to the UK so they can represent Marikana and speak truth in the face of power. We only have two weeks to make this happen! (So please expect more spam)

So we are appealing to anyone who has seen and witnessed our journey over the past few years to rally behind us and assist in getting Thumeka and Primrose to the UK by donating any amount into our fund. Please do direct deposits if you are interested to:

Bank : ABSA
Account Name : Mama Marikana Documentary
Account Number: 4086597394
Account Type: Current Account
Branch Code: 632005

Thank you again for everyone who has helped me, I carry you everywhere I go. For justice, for Marikana, for failed promises, for the widows, for the people who keep fighting to survive everyday, for the traumatised, for the womxn of Sikhala Sonke, for Paulina.

Long post, but that’s just how it is.

#JusticeForMarikana #JusticeForPaulina #5500houses#RememberMarikana

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